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18-07-07, 01:11
Train carrying phosphorus derails in Ukraine, causing fire and contaminating area; 20 sickened
Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Associated Press Writer
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) A freight train carrying yellow phosphorus derailed and burst into flames in western Ukraine, releasing a giant poisonous cloud and contaminating the area around 14 villages, emergency officials said Tuesday.

Twenty people, including 10 local residents, were hospitalized, said Ihor Halyavinsky, spokesman for the defense ministry, adding there was no threat to their lives.

Of the 11,000 people who live in the contaminated area, 815 were evacuated, said Ihor Krol, the spokesman for the emergency situations ministry.

The train, which was traveling from Kazakhstan to Poland, derailed Monday evening near Lviv on the Polish border. Of the train's 58 cars, 15 overturned and six caught fire, Krol said.

Rescuers extinguished the fire late Monday but continued to work at the site.

``It is an extraordinary event, the consequences of which cannot be predicted,'' said Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister Oleksandr Kuzmuk, who was at the site.

Transport Minister Mykola Rudkosvsky said a commission was working at the scene to determine the cause of the accident. He said it was too early to say what caused the derailment, but a person who was accompanying the cargo on the train ``heard a plop and then he saw the second car derailing.''

Yellow phosphorus can catch fire spontaneously on contact with air at temperatures higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, emitting a characteristic garlic smell when it burns. It is also highly toxic, causing liver damage if eaten.

Local residents were advised to stay inside, not to use well water, eat vegetables from their gardens or drink the milk produced by their cows.

Phosphorus compounds are chiefly used in fertilizers, although they are important components of pesticides, toothpaste, detergents as well as explosives, nerve agents and fireworks.

here's the link http://kdka.com/worldwire/Ukraine-Contamination/resources_news_html
They say this incident is almost as threatening as the one in Cernobâl .I hope those in Ukraine are ok. I knoew of this accident really fast cause I live in Romania and some fear the cloud will turn and head our way too:(It's all over the news here.

18-07-07, 06:24
Oh I really doubt it will be as epic as Cernobal, if it was it would be on more then kdka.com/ .....

18-07-07, 08:17
no, it was actually annonced as such by the vice president of Ukraine and the authorities aswell. The cloud spans for at least 90km. that was the quickest article I could find in English, as I may have translated it wrong from the ones in my language. I'ts still a big menace.

18-07-07, 09:03
There's no doubting it seriousness, I do hope all ends up fine. I forgot that point in my previous post, sorry.

18-07-07, 11:06
Pure phosphorus?? :eek: God, I hope the people are made safe and the area decontaminated ASAP.