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18-07-07, 14:48
Hi Guys, I would like to purchase another copy of Tomb Raider II for PSX/PS1.

I would rather not use eBay or Amazon (Specifically no sites which are like eBay)

Ive been googling for 45mins for an online game store which still stocks PS1 Games (Specifically TR2) and with no luck.

Could someone possibly tell me a good site? I dont care what country it is based in, but I just want TR2 on PSX xD


18-07-07, 15:41
Just curious but why not eBay or Amazon? Those two are probably your best bets.

18-07-07, 17:06

18-07-07, 17:21
Argh you got me all excited Geck-o-Lizard, but thats for PC!Damn, Thanks for your help though.

I would just rather not to use eBay ;)

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18-07-07, 17:27
Got TR3 of Amazon, works like a charm...

18-07-07, 17:29
Oooops, sorry, misread your first post. :o

Not sure of any sites you could get the PSX version then. :confused: Definitely don't want it for PC?

You should see if there's any secondhand game shops around where you live. You could ask them to keep an eye out for it and give you a phone if they get a copy.

18-07-07, 18:16
Here... (http://www.gamestation.co.uk/product.asp?id=1011327940645) it is preowned but it's only 4.99! :)

18-07-07, 18:17
Preowned is good. Go for it! :)