View Full Version : Just finished TR:A, and I only have 1 big compliant...

18-07-07, 20:03
Natla's death. Now I never played TR:1, so I'm not sure if its same in that game, but did her death leave anyone else thinking "WTF?" She managed to survive being frozen alive, a nuclear blast, and falling into a pit of lava, but you end up killing her by making a pillar fall on her. WTH was that? Hopefully CD brings her back in TR:8 or a later TR game (hopefully the same w/ Qualopec and Tohcan also), because the way they finished her off left a lot be desired. Also, if Core did the same thing in TR:1, and CD just copied her demise, shame on them too, lol

Overall though, that was the only thing that bugged me about TR:A, otherwise it was an awesome game, IMO :)

Ward Dragon
18-07-07, 20:08
In TR1, you just shoot Natla to death while the pyramid is falling apart, and then you have to climb out and escape before the ending scene. I don't think Natla actually fell into the lava in TR1, either. I think she sprouted wings and flew back up before she hit, although that's just a guess on my part :) Anyhow, I'm pretty sure that Crystal intends to bring back Natla, Tihocan, and Qualopec in a future game. They left it way too open to not get back to it.

Mona Sax
18-07-07, 20:18
Yup, we don't really see her die. My guess is she'll be back someday - personally I wouldn't mind, she was one of the series' best villains.

18-07-07, 20:27
I don't actually think Natla is dead. Natla hired Lara to retrieve the Scion, she was unsuccsessful there . I don't think Natla is Amanda, but I think there is a very strong connection between the two, maybe Amanda is the Queen of Avalon or one of the other Atlantean Islands, that's why she wanted to go there. and that's why the scion was on the Dais abd the crates with Natla industries, Parhaps Amanda is dead, maybe the new Amanda is Actually Natla in disguise, that's why she wanted to go to avalon so much.

Well that's my theory anyway

18-07-07, 20:45
i recon she will be alive in the tomb raider anniversary remake :D or it wouldn't be a remake

18-07-07, 20:54
I'm sure she's still alive and will be back. Like you said, she survived being frozen alive, nuclear blast, lava pit, and that pillar can't kill her. She said it herself "I cannot die you fool".

She'll be back in Avalon hopefully, and she'll be just like Seth. We'll have to entomb her alive to finally "destroy" her.

Tomb Raider Master
18-07-07, 21:30
There's no way she's dead just like that.

18-07-07, 21:33
The pillar fell on her, then the pyramid imploded, so I think she's dead. I hope she stays that way, to be honest. Crystal Dynamics should be thinking or their own original supervillains and not using Core Design's ideas in any future TR games - I'm sure they can do it. :)