View Full Version : Comic Book Movies- The Hollywood Murders

Indiana Croft
18-07-07, 20:42
I KNOW for a fact that I can't be the only one sickened by Hollywood's disturbing takes on comic book characters on the big screen! They've ruined Catwoman, Superman, Fantastic Four, and at least a dozen others! Who's next? If they ruin Wonder Woman they'll have hell to pay!:mad::cen::mad:

Hollywood can never seem to stick the originals, and their revamps on classic character usually become nothing more than mockeries of their former glory. As a die hard comic fan, I perfer the fanfilms on the net. At least THEY stick to the character's motivation instead of the overrated coorporate big wigs in the hills. The fans might not have the budget of a blockbuster summer smash, but their take on the comics are alot more flattering than the movies. Bob Kane is probably rolling around in his grave!

Mona Sax
18-07-07, 20:47
Don't forget that Hollywood can't afford to tailor those movies to comic book reader's wishes only, at least not if they have a reasonable budget. They have to make sure casual audiences understand the motivations and stories as well. That obviously doesn't make the movies any better, but hey, Hollywood usually doesn't strive for artistic perfection. It's very rare that 'by fans for fans' movies are successful (recent examples being Spider-Man, X-Men, Sin City and 300).

18-07-07, 20:49
Well Batman Begins was awesome laugholz. Spawn was kinda neat for the time too. :cool: Generally speaking studios aren't catering to the comic fans, they're trying to get as many people as possible interested. I do agree most of them suck unless you got supernerd teams behind the creative gears (like Goyer for example who is a fine scribe cum dodgy director) but that doesn't happen much either.