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07-04-04, 06:26
This baby has everything.Some r humorous,I used 4 already which makes it helpable, it gives ya ideas and excuses like for school,church,sport,work,you name it.

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a kick a** of a site (http://www.excuselist.com/)

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08-04-04, 05:45
Hehe. I'll give some examples!!

Church (excuses) and say things like:

i)Your name is Judas
ii)You'r a Satan worshiper
iii)You'r in any other really,really ridicilous religion like Jehovah's or whatever
iv)Sorry I'm late for church. I was too busy finishing my human sacrifice.
v)Here's an excuse for not going to church: The devil made me do it!
vi)What go to church? Sorry,I'm Catholic.
vii)My cat is a prophet, I get all my Godly advice straight from the cat's mouth. If the cat doesn't tell me to got to church, I consider it great wisdom of the prophet.
viii)I'm allergic to wine.
ix)They don't sing the songs I like.
x) I can't go to church because my butt hurts from all the sitting and I need joint replacements in my knee's from all the kneeling.
xi)I don't want to put anything in the plate
xii)What's the big deal?
13)I don't do nothing bad, so I'm goin' to heaven anyway.
14)I attend church by watching it on TV

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