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18-07-07, 21:11
First Natla drawings(Cd's model)
I did these during an art class. It was the end of the school year and our teacher told us to pick a theme, just draw something. So I thought I should give Natla another try( my other coleagues skipped the drawing part so I was the only one with soemthing done lol). I had fun making her( seen her in only one cutscene on you-tube since it was before the realease date). I messed up her anatomy cause I thought I should since many rumours said she already had an alien look in human form.
http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa209/cougarlynx/Scan10028.jpg this one took me almost the entire time of the class to make
http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa209/cougarlynx/Scan10029.jpgthis one was done at the end. Still haven't finished tha damn background.
Anyway, I think I have some Core Natla drawings somewhere. made them this year aswell so they don't look like :cen: that much. But I'll have to look for them:(

18-07-07, 21:14
These are truely amazing,you captured her essence perfectly! Great work :tmb:

18-07-07, 21:41
this is pretty good... :tmb:

18-07-07, 21:54
great job!!! you're good cant wait to see more.:)

18-07-07, 22:14
Wow, they're amazing! :tmb:

star girl
18-07-07, 22:20
They're awesome! :tmb: The face is slightly small in the second pic though, but it's cool :)

18-07-07, 23:37
Nice Ashnar :tmb:

A few problems but nice nonetheless:D

18-07-07, 23:52
man i want 2 draw like that:D

19-07-07, 07:41
Awesome work :tmb:

19-07-07, 08:00
Wow! These are sooo good! I can't get over it, lol. Especialy the first one is amazing. :eek:

19-07-07, 09:10
Nice wings for her.:)

19-07-07, 09:35
WOW!You are a really good drawer!

19-07-07, 10:39
Fantastic! :D

19-07-07, 10:43
omlord there amazing the only thing i would say is make her expression alittle more evil i think she looks to nice if you know what i mean but wow u should draw as a career

19-07-07, 11:07
Those are pretty good. Keep it up :tmb:

Jin Uzuki
19-07-07, 12:36
These pictures just took my breath away... Ashnar, I'm officially your fan! :D

19-07-07, 13:19
They look wonderful! The anatomy of the first one is amazing.

19-07-07, 13:21
Wow!I see a talent here!:tmb:

19-07-07, 14:00
wow finally they work for me (they didnt work this morning)
your pics look really cool though i think the hands (esp. on the second pic) are too big

19-07-07, 14:42
wow dude ur great!

arnt the fingers a bit long on pic 2?

19-07-07, 14:50
wow dude ur great!

arnt the fingers a bit long on pic 2?

yeah they are, but I purposely left them that way.(Liked the way they turned out:D)

Destroyer Op 89
19-07-07, 17:13
wow Ashnar! Love these!,you could try making Lara battling natla you capture their essences perfectly like some of the other posters have pointed out!:)

19-07-07, 17:14
OOOOooooooohhh!!!! :jmp: :jmp: :jmp: They both look awesome, especially Atlantean Natla!! :jmp: I love how you drew her hair! :D But where's the cinnaboobs and body symbols? :confused:

19-07-07, 17:25
OOOOooooooohhh!!!! :jmp: :jmp: :jmp: They both look awesome, especially Atlantean Natla!! :jmp: I love how you drew her hair! :D But where's the cinnaboobs and body symbols? :confused:

oh, I left those aside in this one cause I was afraid I might ruin her,:o I will try to make one with Lara battling Natla and I'll make Natla complete in that one:o

19-07-07, 17:33
Great drawings.i would love to see ur Lara drawings :)

20-07-07, 04:48
Very nice work! I can't even draw stick figures! :vlol:

24-07-07, 05:31
They look amazing! Keep up the good work. :tmb:

24-07-07, 09:15
Thanks tr.fan,CAISACO and Duchess. I will post some Lara drawings some time soon aswell tr.fan.:o:D

24-07-07, 09:59
WOW First one is extremely hot! :tmb:
Try to draw Bacon Lara if you have time and wish, please :)

24-07-07, 10:30
Thx EscondeR.As a matter of fact, I am working on bacon Lara:D.I'll pm you when I'll post if if you want.

24-07-07, 10:41
^ That would be great! Thanx a lot :)

Jack Croft
24-07-07, 10:44
Wow! They are very impressive they look lovely. :)

24-07-07, 15:48
:oThx Jack Croft:D