View Full Version : Explosion rocks central New York!

Lara Lover
18-07-07, 23:09
An explosion has rocked central New York during the evening rush hour, creating serious disruption. The explosion occurred in Manhattan's east side at 43rd Street and Lexington Avenue, near Grand Central Station.
The explosion created a huge plume of smoke and according to the police a transformer explosion is suspected. Several blocks were evacuated.
Police say it does not appear to be a terrorist-related incident. So far there is no word on casualties.

BBC.co.uk news.

18-07-07, 23:13
is it really true?

Lara Lover
18-07-07, 23:17
Yes. It's true. :(

18-07-07, 23:19
Can't rocks explode themselves? I am sure it is possible.. At least nobody was hurt, but it is bad nevertheless..

I saw something on TV a few days ago about large amounts of dust in the air somewhere, is this related? I wasn't paying attention properly.

18-07-07, 23:29
Apparently a Pipe broke underground, I was actually in Manhattan today, if I didn't come home earlier I would have been stuck there.

Edit: Oh! Its on the news, theres A LOT of steam! Several people were burned.

18-07-07, 23:32
I never heard about this... :p

Real Life Raider
18-07-07, 23:44
Testament to the times we live in.

We hear explosion, we think terrorism. :cool:

18-07-07, 23:45
I think I just saw that on the the my home page.

18-07-07, 23:57

Full story.

Lara Lover
18-07-07, 23:59
WOW! Look at those photos! :(

star girl
19-07-07, 00:01
That's a LOT of steam :eek:

19-07-07, 01:11
Glad I'm not up there. I feel sorry for the people who are.

19-07-07, 02:57
Holy schizophrenia! :eek: I just came back from the city after spending a fews hours there. Me and my friends were driving when we saw the smoke, it was only a few blocks from where we were and we wanted to get closer, but we didn't bother because they blocked off the roads. We started to panic a little thinking it was another terrorist attack, but then we changed the radio station and heard that it was just a steam pipe explosion. I'm glad that only a few people were hurt, but I'm sad that one guy died. :(

19-07-07, 03:04
So scary. :(

Tomb Raider 5194
19-07-07, 03:07
It must have been really scary to be there and feel the ground moving, and seeing all that steam. I feel sorry for the person who died there. :(

19-07-07, 03:11
WOW! Look at those photos! :(

Yeah with that mess how could you not jump the gun and think its a bomb.:(

19-07-07, 03:19
I was in New York three days ago!!! :yik::yik::eek::yik::yik:

19-07-07, 06:23
Testament to the times we live in.

We hear explosion, we think terrorism. :cool:

thats soo true! Well at least noone i know was hurt.

19-07-07, 06:50
i think that one person was killed

Lara Lover
19-07-07, 09:27
I'm not sure if people were killed. Several people were injured. :(

Jack Croft
19-07-07, 09:42

Full Sky News story here and video on right side of page :(

19-07-07, 10:43
pictures from RTL News:
photo's (http://www.rtl.nl/(/actueel/rtlnieuws/)/components/actueel/rtlnieuws/2007/07_juli/19/buitenland/0719_0700_slideshow_new_york_gas.xml)
andd here is a video, (dutch, but interviewed people talk english)
video (http://%5Burl=%22http//www.rtl.nl/%28vm=/actueel/rtlnieuws/%29/system/video/html/components/actueel/rtlnieuws/miMedia/2007/week29/do_0730_new_york.avi_plain.xml%22)