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19-07-07, 11:35
...Weather It Be A Scene/Quote From A Book, TV Or Movie, Something A Friend-Relative-Random Person Has Said/Done Or Just Something Else, Please Post! :wve:

Mine Would Be Yesterday, My Baby Cousin Was Watching Lazy Town For The Uptemnth Time, And The Character Stingy Was Singing About Owning Everything He Sees, Or Wnats. And The Song Goes Into A Little Instrumental, And He Sings Out Of No-Where "This Instrumental Break In The Song Is MINE!"

I Just Thought The Randomness And Humour Of This Was So Silly So I Just Burst Out Laughing :vlol:

Anyways...Enough Of Me, Post Your Own :wve:

19-07-07, 11:39
I find everything random funny, I have a very childish sense of humour.

When I went to see Monster House in the cinema me and my friend were crying with laughter at things that weren't even funny, a child at the front was asking his mum what was funny, Lol.

19-07-07, 11:40
mine was when i saw an episode of urve been framed there was this video o a person in a digger diggin a hole wich looked quit deep.Somehow he managed to fall out of it and fell into the hole,wot made me laugh the most wos when he hit the ground and dident get up for 5 minutes.:D

19-07-07, 11:51
When a transvestite came up to us when we were waiting to go into a club and started ball room dancing with my friend in the street LMAO there was also people on stilts, soooo wanted to push them over.:mis:

19-07-07, 12:09
My niece is six and she her brother are big toy story fans. Anyway, she comes out one day with "I love you to infility" (instead of "infinity" obviously) and it was just so cute and funny hehe

19-07-07, 12:11
This is hilarious:

I was muted in RuneScape for something I didn't do! :vlol:

(Still really mad :mad:)

19-07-07, 12:12
I find everything no matter how random funny when I'm with my classmates. Even the way some of us laugh at random things makes us laugh even more,lol:vlol:

19-07-07, 12:13
i used to be on that

19-07-07, 12:15
I find everything random funny, I have a very childish sense of humour.

Same. :D

Also whenever my friends laugh I usually find that funny and start laughing.

19-07-07, 12:24
Watching people in the street. You think everyone is so boring and normal, until you actually take a closer look at them. They're all FREAKS. :rolleyes:

19-07-07, 12:28
I like to sit in the parking lot of a random store just a few minutes after closing time and watch people walk up to the locked "automatic" doors. :mis:

19-07-07, 14:03
Hmm...I find a lot of random things funny, but I can't think of a particular one right now, so I'll just say I like the kind of humour in "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends".Some words or names or phrases just seem very funny to pronounce.And I also find it mildly amusing when somebody breaks something.:D

19-07-07, 14:09

The last time I really laughed was on Big Brother on Wednesday night and the homosexual housemate Zach, He dressed up as a woman for Joel's birthday and sung Marolyn Munroe's "Happy Birthday Mr President" it was so funny.

19-07-07, 14:11
I used to walk past a road sign in Camden Town every day.... someone had changed it from "Get in Lane" to "Get in line you camels"

The sheer pointlessness of it used to make me smile every day.

19-07-07, 14:14
The amount Polish who die in all these RIDICULOUS accidents in Holland. Every day you hear about them tripping in front of trains and being hit by lightning bolts...what's with the Jacques Tati-ness of them Polish?!

I suppose I'm morbid now since I can laugh at death. I hope I have a stupid one so people can laugh at mines. :pi:

19-07-07, 14:15
ive laughed at the way i laugh you can imagine how long it took me to stop! lol!

star girl
19-07-07, 14:15
I put up this scary looking wallpaper (see July Desktop thread :D) and my 3-year old nephew almost peed in his pants at that :vlol: :vlol: :vlol:

He was bugging me :D

19-07-07, 15:06
Watching poeple walk into things, and they're reaction, especially whenh they think it wasn't their fault

19-07-07, 15:13
Walking home from school years ago...

My mate Sare falling off a wall (she semi-fainted), squishing her apple crumble in the process. Real slapstick is soooo much better than choreographed slapstick...

We laughed soooo hard - don't think I'll ever forget it to be honest.


19-07-07, 15:57
One of the most random things I've laughed about was the other week when I was walking back from a lesson with a couple of friends, and we approched the boys toilets and my friends brother (she wasn't here when he did this...which is a shame because I was lmao at it for ages XD) walked up to the toilet door. He pushed it only to find out that the door was locked, he suddenly got all mardy and puched the door and said "OMG!" ...then he turned round and saw me, so he shook his head at the door (XD)...I had to face the other way so he wouldn't see me smiling because I was laughing so much :vlol:

I was also laughing at the word "mug" today...I randomly called it my friend and thought it was really funny...LOL, mug XD

...I laugh at anything ^_^

19-07-07, 16:10
The word rissole.

I asked for one in my local chippy a few months back just to use the word in its proper context.

**** knows what's in them... Meat? Potatoes? Fish? Can't tell.


19-07-07, 16:41
My dog snores.

Destroyer Op 89
19-07-07, 17:07
it can be from how someone speaks to someone falling on their butts! :p

Night Crawler
19-07-07, 17:38
People tripping up, the harder they fall, the harder I laugh.

19-07-07, 18:15
a person in a digger diggin a hole wich looked quit deep.Somehow he managed to fall out of it and fell into the hole,wot made me laugh the most wos when he hit the ground and dident get up

Oh, the irony! It burns, it burns!! :whi:

Something random that I found funny.. A year or so ago, a few mates were having a drunken sleepover around Christmas, so we pulled some crackers and read the tacky jokes.

One, a mate of mine read "Why was the goat stupid?...Because it climbed over a wall."

O.o When we didn't get it, we figured out it was because she actually said ghost and not Goat like everyone else in the room thought she had ;)
Found it unbelievably hilarious from the moment I misheard it :D
There we all were, drunk, in fits of tears of laughter!

Stupid goat indeed..

19-07-07, 18:41
Hmm... There is this one internet gossip story that always gets me cracking up for some odd reason. Something about beyonce's boob and her head falling off. I don't even know but sometimes i laugh uncontrollably for like 5 minutes after reading that article, its just kinda funny to think about her chest all the sudden falling out of her outfit onto the floor during a concert or something xD its just so funny for some reason

19-07-07, 18:48
The word 'marzipan'. :vlol: