View Full Version : Alien encounters...not literally but still.

19-07-07, 12:40
Anybody had any encounters with some freaky people? I did, yesterday morning I was waiting to meet some friends when this boy asked me for the time, he was about 13 I think. Anyway I told him and then he said ok, followed by an awkward pause to which he replied "Whatcha doing today then?" So I said, just meeting some friends, followed by an even more awkward pause. Then came the worst part. The lad asked me if I smoked, I replied with no. He then said "Neither do I". Then thank the lord one of the people I met turned up, so I ran over to her and made her walk round town until the lad had gone away so we could meet our other friend, however he proceeded to follow me, we lost him but still its really freaky. Anything like this happened to anybody before?