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19-07-07, 15:58
A huge Viking treasure hoard has been found by a father and son in North Yorkshire.

The pair discovered the hoard - estimated at over 750,000 worth - while out walking with their metal detector.

Full story from the BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/north_yorkshire/6906107.stm)

Cool! :jmp:

19-07-07, 16:03
Wow, what a nice find :D I use to love doing this in my garden when I was little, and when I found something I would get well excited - but then I grew up... :p

19-07-07, 16:05
Where's the fairy dust golden aura? :(


19-07-07, 16:10
that is nice!!

19-07-07, 17:29
That's amazing :eek: What a find!

The pair kept their find intact and it was transferred to the British Museum to be examined by experts,

But seriously, if you found something so ancient and cool I don't think I'd show anyone or want to part with it :p "It's MINE! I found it, it's mine, my own..My...treassssurrrre" ;)

Tomb Raider Master
19-07-07, 17:30
OMG, how cool. :tmb:

19-07-07, 17:47
Agreed with Rivendell! Finders keepers, losers weepers :p

19-07-07, 17:49
She would be angry she did not find it firsT :vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol:

Ada the Mental
19-07-07, 18:05
Wow! thanks for sharing!:D

She would be angry she did not find it firsT
:vlol: Poor Lara.

Sara Croft
19-07-07, 18:09
Lara wouldnt be proud. She would be jalous and raid their house if she found out.. :whi:
Amazing find though.. Wish it was me :(

19-07-07, 18:39
Awesome!:eek:Thanks for sharing!

20-07-07, 18:09
<grabs shovel>

Dad said I should do more gardening :D

20-07-07, 18:45
woo, i myself would totally sell it to the person who would pay the most xD

She would be angry she did not find it firsT :vlol::vlol::vlol::vlol:

Meh, i think Lara already did find it... but left it behind since its a rather small amount of things, She has better things to find out there :p

star girl
20-07-07, 19:41
WoWzer! :eek:

20-07-07, 19:46