View Full Version : New bionic arm goes on sale

19-07-07, 19:36
How's about this for a medical breakthrough? :eek:


This is just fantastic, and must make amputees the world over so much more hopeful of a better quality of ife.

tlr online
19-07-07, 19:58
Very awesome advance for prosthetic limbs. :tmb:

19-07-07, 19:59
thats great. thanks for the article.

19-07-07, 20:00
Yep posted about it in the Mature section some time ago as I can recall. Glad to see they are bringing it in mainstream.

19-07-07, 20:00
I saw this on TV not long ago, it's amazing how far technology has come. I'm glad for those people who benefit from it. =)

19-07-07, 20:31
Woah! I'm really impressed by this! It will surely have an impact on hundreds of lives.

Dark Lugia 2
19-07-07, 20:40
Thats really cool, it would be cooler if we had footage, they describe it like it moves as fast and strong as a normal hand :D this will make lots of lives happy :D technology has become so good over the past years :D

19-07-07, 20:41
Wow, that's amazing! A really big help for those, who don't have arms :)