View Full Version : More Lara and Indy

20-07-07, 01:42
Some more Photoshop madness from my Mac. :)

Lara and Indy discuss the finer points of murals.

Then draw their weapons in anticipation of some unwanted guests.

Legend Killer
20-07-07, 01:58
Looking good :tmb:

I can see a series coming out of this :cool:

Yuna´s Wish
20-07-07, 02:52
Wow, cool pics! :tmb: They look quite fine together :o

Tomb Raider 5194
20-07-07, 03:17
Great pics! :tmb:

Lol now I can imagine Lara traveling with Indy :D.

20-07-07, 04:46
Haha, so cool :tmb:

20-07-07, 13:08
Nice work :tmb:

Jin Uzuki
20-07-07, 13:10
Argh. This makes me rather frustrated. I wish we can see them in full motion together. Would be quite a sight! :cln: Very, very nice job (and contextualizing their actions). I'd really like to see more! :D

20-07-07, 13:12
Bound to happen someday :D

Im waiting for a pair-up movie to come out :tmb:

These are great :)

20-07-07, 16:25
Awesome job! They'd make such a cool pair

Tomb Raider Master
20-07-07, 16:33
Well done. :tmb: They're such a great couple.

20-07-07, 17:31
Kiss scene please. :wve: :p :tmb:

Indiana Croft
20-07-07, 19:43
(for obvious reasons...) I love those pics. I've been on this forum for a while and I just now saw that. Ironic.

21-07-07, 00:00
Naw, no kissy fits. Lara and Indy are just "colleagues." :D

21-07-07, 01:07
It is great!:tmb:

21-07-07, 02:09
I really love the second pic! they certainly would make an awesome team :D

21-07-07, 08:59
These look great, especialy the second one!

Alex Fly
21-07-07, 09:16
Excellent work ! They look like real screenshots ! :)

21-07-07, 20:52
I love them together. That would be cool with Eidos and the Indy publisher got together to do a game for old times sakes. I mean Nintendo did it for Sonic and Mario (I dont know if this game came out already; it was a racing marathon type of game; competition game among a few characters) so why not Lara Croft and Indiana Jones? I would be one of the first ones to pick it up :jmp: