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kill bill
20-07-07, 16:43
This is the Lara Croft that's going to be used in my Comic/Movie. She will have a Grapple but it's TRA Style so it's not possible to see it in the picture. the 'things' to the left and right of the belt is her ammunation like in the Tomb Raider 1 film. Yes she will also be able to wield a Katana. And of Course her headset that contacts Z&A.

http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/60218074/ I think I met Tansy9 on Deviantart before I registered here. Wait is Tansy9 registered here...:o:(

20-07-07, 17:26
She looks great. I'm working on a comic myself except it's hand drawn:D. Good luck on your futre work:tmb:

20-07-07, 17:33
I like it! :tmb:

kill bill
20-07-07, 17:50

20-07-07, 17:57
Cute ;)

20-07-07, 18:06
Very nice :)
Some advice, Try drawing a womans silhouette to get the hang of a womans curves :)

kill bill
20-07-07, 18:10
Very nice :)
Some advice, Try drawing a womans silhouette to get the hang of a womans curves :)

whats that?:confused:

20-07-07, 18:14
Looks good but I don't like her body form. (silhouette)

20-07-07, 18:48
whats that?:confused:


Its basically an outline of a form, you have details down so a silhouette would be perfect for you to practice on the female form, make it more curvy etc.

20-07-07, 19:28
Neat! :tmb:

kill bill
20-07-07, 20:18
Heres the wallpaper Version with backround

EDIT Oppps...

Deviant Version comin;)

Tomb Raider 5194
20-07-07, 20:34
It looks quite good! :tmb:

God Horus
20-07-07, 23:51

21-07-07, 06:23
argh! lol,

I think she needs alittle work...

kill bill
22-07-07, 19:08
I'm working on a catsuit now.;)

23-07-07, 09:01
Great job KB :tmb: