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20-07-07, 17:06

20-07-07, 17:07
Ring your local wildlife rescue centre and let them deal with it. Don't try and capture it yourself, and make sure nothing interferes with it.

20-07-07, 17:10
Some birds chased a bat out of the sky and killed it on the trampoline in my backyard a couple months ago. :( But do what Greenkey2 said.

20-07-07, 17:50
Yikes! :yik:

I'd follow Jenni's tips.

Night Crawler
20-07-07, 17:57
Riddle me this, riddle me that, who's afraid of the big, black bat?

20-07-07, 18:01
Yeah do what GK said, he might be in pain if its just laying there, hope he's ok :)

20-07-07, 18:14
I saw a REALLY BIG ONE... batman's next movie is filming here in chi town! :ton:

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20-07-07, 18:28
Yeah, i'd just leave it :)

20-07-07, 18:33
Neighbours said that when it will be dark it will fly away.

i don't think so... if the bat is lying on the ground it must be in pain... in day light you'll never see bat stnding in the ground like that :D
just do what greenkey said, because if the bat is that big it might be some endangered species or something...

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20-07-07, 19:52
I definitely wouldn't try handling it, it may have some freaky disease, but I hope it can fly away, if need be.. Also make sure your pets [i.e. dogs] are locked up away from it.

One time, when I was staying in a Log Cabin in Wisconsin, I was awake at 4:00 AM because I was reading, and all of a sudden this thing flies into my room, circles four times, and goes into my closet. [:eek:]
This being so late at night [early in the morning] I was flipping out like "What the ---- was that?!" Then I realized what it was, because I could hear it squeaking, or whatever that was. So I woke up my dad down the hall, to tell him about it, and when we got back to my room,.... it was gone...
Still not sure where it went..

20-07-07, 20:13
Don't be so wussy, bats are great at eating tons of bugs and don't like messing with people, leave it alone and it will leave you alone. People here have been making bat nests in the back of their yards to attract them to, so they'll eat all the bugs at night.

20-07-07, 20:15
^We have a convent here with a massive library that has tons of bats to keep the bugs away XD best natural method ever.

Sorrry nothing productive to add XD

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21-07-07, 17:47
Today it was not there so probably it flew away.
It may not have. It could have been taken away by a dog or some other animal.

21-07-07, 17:53