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kill bill
20-07-07, 17:47
Ok 2 Posts Per day people.

How to play. You write a sentence like this : do you wnat to konw how you can raed tihs? But remember the the first and last letter must be in order and the middle letters can be jumbled up in anyorder.

So I start

Form Tmob Riaedr To Hreo To Lgeend. And Aslo the Fndatiion of Nelos ark was not fnoud. And nor was Idnnea Jneos.

Next person translates it and those an other one

20-07-07, 17:51
It's like a n00bs paradise... Now there will be an excuse to spell wrongly..

Rather pointless if you ask me.

20-07-07, 19:08
Somebody posted an article about this ability of the human brain a short while ago, but I really don't think it justifies having a game thread made of it. It's an open excuse to spam.