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20-07-07, 20:04
Well, I don't know. I thought hard about showing you all this.It's kind of 'mehhh....'.Straight in black pen. 20 minutes last night while I was waiting for a tr gametap animation to load. Well, here you go. whatever....:((sry about this mods)

20-07-07, 20:09
Beautiful drawing. I love the way you've shaded in her face. If I did that it would come out so wrong lol.

20-07-07, 20:10
If you call that meh, I will get a mod to ban you! It's awesome! :tmb:

20-07-07, 20:32
The shading looks a bit (just a bit) messy but it actually gives it style :D Me likey, alot :D :tmb:

Tomb Raider 5194
20-07-07, 20:32
Wow, great drawing she looks incredible! :tmb:

20-07-07, 20:34
Very well done :tmb:

20-07-07, 20:56
Why on earth are you apologising? I love it. It's truely excellent for a 20 minute sketch :hug:

star girl
20-07-07, 21:06
It's great! :tmb:

20-07-07, 21:10
I personaly think that even though you gave yourself little time for this drawing, it does show your potential and that you are very good at drawing. BTW, I don't think any mods will have a problem with you posting so many drawings. This is the art forum, so it's just great to see you and many others post their creations. And I am sure I am not the only one who thinks this way. :D :jmp:

20-07-07, 21:12
That looks really good. I couldn't draw to save my life!:vlol:

Alex Fly
21-07-07, 09:17
Great drawing. I wish I could do the same thing in 20 minutes. :tmb:

Jin Uzuki
21-07-07, 09:21
You're sad about how this came out? You're out of your mind! It's fantastic, ashnar! :tmb:

22-07-07, 05:37
That looks very good. It only took you twenty minutes to draw it? Wow...

23-07-07, 09:15
To say that's just a quick sketch, it's awesome.