View Full Version : Problems With The Forums Today...I've Had It All Day And Need Help!

20-07-07, 20:43
I Have A Problem, TRF's Forum Pages Are Frozen In Time (In A Sense) Whilst New Posts Appear On The 'Last Post By...' Section Of The Main Page, If I Click The Forum, The New Post Is Not There, Or The Thread Has'nt Been Bumped Up, It's An Older Thread With An Older Post Bumped :confused:

I Know This Sounds Complicated, So These Pictures Should Explain

Look At This, Taken At 21:23

Now I Open The Fan Art Forum, Seconds Afterwards, Now At 21:24

I Don't Have A Clue Why This Is Happening, It's Occured Since Yesterday...It Is Rtaher Annoying And Confusing, And Very Distressing :(

Anyone Know Why This Happening? :confused:

star girl
20-07-07, 21:05
I think it happened when the server crashed...

20-07-07, 21:13
I think it happened when the server crashed...

No...Because I Had It Yesterday :(

20-07-07, 21:15
Try clearing your cache.

20-07-07, 21:17
Try clearing your cache.

Could You Tell Me How To Do So...I've Never Required To Do This Before And, Well, Don't Know How To :/

20-07-07, 21:24
IE: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/ie6/using/howto/customizing/clearcache.mspx

Firefox: Tools --> Clear Private Data --> Uncheck everything except Cache --> click OK.