View Full Version : Bob the mutant...creature....thingy

21-07-07, 11:13
So I was scouring through my old works which are "neatly" piled in my suspended bed I use to deposit my drawings, and found this. I made it 6 months ago with water colors. Took me three hours(I was still suffering from severe painting disorder, a unique and rare afliction where the person in question feels an uncanny need to paint till they get sick). No seriously, I had just finished a really big painting the other day and wanted to do something for fun. The name Bob seemed to fit:D(lol, I named the raptor that sometimes appears chasing Lara in some of my drawings Charley).

Alex Fly
21-07-07, 11:25
Wow great ! :tmb:

21-07-07, 11:35
Bob looks scary! Great painting. :)

21-07-07, 11:43
Aww, he looks cute! Hehe, "bob" :D Great work!

21-07-07, 11:50
Interesting :D

You're pic are still as breathtaking as ever ashnar :tmb:

21-07-07, 14:20
Very nice, Simone :tmb: Love the colours...

21-07-07, 14:24
Very nice! :tmb:

21-07-07, 16:07
Looks like a blood hungry tick on steroids. :D

Well done. :)