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21-07-07, 15:36
Okay, perhaps no one here will be able to help me but I want to give it a try atleast. There seem to be a lot of creative people here. :D
I got a little problem I encountered while writing my TR comic script. I managed to gather a list of several useful sound effects that I can use, but I haven't found one I like for when Lara lands back on her feet after she has done a jump.
Two sound effects I have found on other comics, for people landing after a jump, are THUD and THUMP. Somehow I don't really feel like they fit Lara though. So does anyone have any ideas that can help me out?

Thanks in advance. :)


22-07-07, 10:44
How about "THUMPH"?

22-07-07, 12:54
Hmm, the H behind the word does make it look a bit better. Thanks. :)

22-07-07, 13:14
...Bounce? :D
Jump? Flump? Hop? Thund? Trot? Tmp? Thwap?

I don't know, THUD is such a good sound.. :p

22-07-07, 13:39
It depends on what surface Lara is landing on after a jump. If she's landing on a stony surface an understated "crunch" would be suitable. If Lara is jumping onto a metal surface a more obvious "clang" would be heard.

Sometimes Lara will land on surfaces which don't make much noise at all on impact like Sand. Sand isn't a very noisy thing to land on.

Hope that helps :)

22-07-07, 17:42
Thanks everyone, there's lots of useful info posted here for me. :)
I'm getting used to THUD a bit, but still I want to use different effects depending on the surface she lands on, so thanks again for all the suggestions. :) :hug:
I'll just have to read more english comics I think, so I learn the english sound effects a bit better. :D