View Full Version : Coloring a pic in PS

Mister Croft
21-07-07, 20:27
I am going to color a drawing i made today in Photo Shop.. But how to i do it ? :p ( Me, noob xD) I have PS 6,0

21-07-07, 20:45
There are many ways in which you can colour in your drawings on Photoshop. I was going to publish my own colouring technique for Photoshop, but I scratched that tutorial. :-/ But the way I do it is that I scan in a pencil/ink drawing, set that later to 'Multiply' and then create a new layer underneat your drawing and that's where all the colour goes.

Maybe there are some other tutorials out there, but by experimenting you'll find your own unique style of colouring soon. :)