View Full Version : Scanner Sadness (my scanned pencil pictures look like crud!)

21-07-07, 21:19
I need some help and advice from those who use scanners here. More specifically, those who know how to scan pencil drawings.

I've been working on a drawing for the past 4 days in pencil of the character, Lust from Full Metal Alchemist.

I placed a lot of important on how smooth it looked and how there were different tones and shades to it. I think its actually turned out quite nice.
However, no matter how I scan this picture, it just comes out looking like its been screwed up and left in a puddle...just awful.

It makes me feel quite sad, because I've had this problem quite a lot in the past and I'm now at the point where I'm just plain disappointed that I'm not able to get any advice on my pencil pictures.

Any advice would be appreciated. If you need to take a look at how the picture looks when its scanned to see where I might be going wrong, PM me and I'll get back to you. ;)

21-07-07, 21:22
I usually just scan it and then touch it up in Photoshop or Irfanview, messing with the Brightness and Contrast levels. But then again I don't do detailed shading or texturing :D

21-07-07, 21:32
I 've noticed this as well. I think my scanner might be the problem though (its a good few years old at this stage) Its frustrating especially when you use colour. That why I only draw in black and white now. Im sorry I can't be of much help :o

21-07-07, 21:32
I've just tried to change the brightness and contrast settings don't really work with this. I think if it was less detailed then editing might be an option (e.g. blurring and sharpening tools etc). But I've already tried this too and it doesn't fix the textures which are lost in the process. :(

The thing which really annoys me is that the hair, which is supposed to be dark but instead has white splotches all over and in some parts there's no shading left at all.

Thanks for trying to help though Paperdoll :hug:

And thanks for the insight TMH, It seems I may have to look into a new scanner...

21-07-07, 21:36
No problem sweetie :hug:

Yeah it seems like the problem might be from your scanner... are you sure it's properly covered when you're scanning etc? Try messing with the brightness etc before scanning, when I scan something I have a little preview window etc.

22-07-07, 10:28
Just got a digital camera first thing this morning. Olympus Camedia C-150 :D
Problem solved, thanks for the support guys :tmb:

22-07-07, 16:12
Great to hear that you've found a solution! But perhaps for future advice, I usually tamper with the 'Levels' to fix the paper and pencil lines.