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Lara Lover
22-07-07, 00:57
I've tried this a couple of times but, I'm going to stick with it. OK.

Bascially, every month we pick a book that we can rent or buy from a book store and start reading. At the end of the month, we give our view of the book.

Since this whole month is dedicated to Harry Potter with the movie and the new book, Why don't the first book to read be "The Deathly Hallows"? It'll be a great beginners book. :tmb:

If you want to join the book club, bascially post here and you're name will be on the list.


Lara Lover

You've got till 22nd July - 22nd August the read the books. After the 22nd, you have a week to complete your review off the books. It shall be fun seeing everyones opinion on the books. :)

Whos in? :D

Jake Croft
22-07-07, 02:52
Im in but... Junes passed

22-07-07, 08:13
I'm in!

I already read this months book, and I think it was absolutely amazing (Click (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=1974213&postcount=1900))!
Looking forward to next months book!
:wve: :)

22-07-07, 09:49
Yes we have tried this a couple of times although rather unsuccsessfully. XD I'm always up for another try though. As far as the book goes, I'm out. I only read up to the third book and I'm not a Harry Potter fan. Anyways I'll be glad to join with the next pick.

22-07-07, 10:26
I only read up to the third one too, don't you think we should do a first of a series book ? :)

22-07-07, 10:28
I will be in, but not at the moment because I don't want Harry Potter to be spoiled; I'm taking my time with it.

22-07-07, 11:26
I'm in. Got about 200 pages of Harry Potter left.

30-07-07, 16:35
Count me in:D

30-07-07, 16:39
I read all of it on the day it was release, got it at midnight finished at midday.

30-07-07, 16:41
I'll join, plus I've already read it, so less work for me until nest time.

star girl
30-07-07, 17:17
COunt me in! :D