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22-07-07, 12:24
The rain lashed down minutes in to the European F1 Grand Prix in Germany, Causing the track to resemble a river. Causing 6 cars to aqua-plane off the track on turn one, in quick succession. The Safety car car came on, and within one lap the red flag was raised and the race stopped for safety reasons

Hamiltom one of the six to slide off, managed to keep his car from stalling and with the help off a marshal was able to move his car, and from recent reports he is allowed within the rules (regarding the help of moving a car in a dangerous position), is allowed to carry on the race, once the red flag has been cancelled.

22-07-07, 12:31
Just been watching it (though it's my dad who's the Grand Prix fan, not me). 100% pure mayhem with no artificial additives :eek:

Why they didn't all start out with full wet tires is beyond me - within seconds of starting it was a wash-out. Nobody's telling me the spotters didn't see it coming.

22-07-07, 14:44
Now THAT was fascinating! ...one after another slipping out, quite a parody like :D