View Full Version : Freaky Lightning Picture

Lara's Fan
22-07-07, 16:06
While i was looking for some different wallpapers for my desktop i happened to come across this pic. Tell me what you think it looks like.

Mister Croft
22-07-07, 16:10
I was thinking Bacon lara,but it looks more like an ALIEN :p

22-07-07, 16:10
It's almost like a human skeleton...:eek:

Lara's Fan
22-07-07, 16:32
It's almost like a human skeleton...:eek:
Thats what i first saw too.

22-07-07, 16:35
It reminds me of the Cairo levels from TR4. :eek:

22-07-07, 17:33
...I dont see anything :o Its an amazing shot though.

Dark Lugia 2
22-07-07, 18:40
I can see E.T. :eek: great picture :D

22-07-07, 18:46
Skeleton as well! Before I even read the posts that's what popped into my head.

22-07-07, 19:15
I can see E.T. :eek: great picture :D

:vlol:Me too!I love that picture!:)

23-07-07, 08:58
Looks good :tmb:
Did you create it yourself?.

Lara's Fan
23-07-07, 22:04
Nope it's actually a real lightning pic.

23-07-07, 22:08
I see either a skeleton or Bacon Lara.

23-07-07, 22:08
Thats what i first saw too.
Weird, I saw lightening. lol

Sara Croft
23-07-07, 22:33
Looks like an alien! :O

23-07-07, 23:32
It does look like a human skeleton. Although I cannot see the alien or the Bacon Lara.

Yuna´s Wish
24-07-07, 03:29
It looks like a lighting! :o And a really nice one by the way.

24-07-07, 03:52
It looks like an alien mermaid, with a curvy body.

24-07-07, 04:20
Amazing Pic, its very spooky, it reminds me of when I was younger and watched the Ten Commandments movie for the first time and got really scared when I saw the Angel of Death come down in the form of a green cloud like in that pic. the lighting is cool and I see why people think it looks like baon lara.

24-07-07, 04:33
I can see E.T. :eek: great picture :D

Aahh, :vlol: I can see him as well *Shudders* E.T scares the bleeding hell out of me, STILL! :p

24-07-07, 10:02
Looks like an alien! :O

Lol! :D

Looks cool. :tmb:

24-07-07, 11:36
When you color it green it looks like a netted stem. :D

24-07-07, 11:49
I see mister stickman!

24-07-07, 15:48
I can only see a normal lightening. xD

24-07-07, 19:42
OMG!!!! it DOES look like TR1beacon lara with a broken foot!!!

Lara's Fan
24-07-07, 23:33
Here is another one for you to look at. Imo it looks like a stick figure in the middle.

25-07-07, 00:07
I was thinking Bacon lara,but it looks more like an ALIEN :p

It so looks like Bacon Lara! :vlol: