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22-07-07, 23:04
ok thars ben a lot of a games like this

but ill explain:ill start a sentance then leave ... by the end then some one elc starts it agin
have fun
this is lara and leon fron resdent evil
ill start

a rainy stormy night and lara siting by the fire and reading a book so she looks by the window and see LEON she opens up the window and he says...

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22-07-07, 23:09
Hello, won't you come in for some tea? It's rather wet out there. :p

22-07-07, 23:53
Then Lara took Leon to her wardrobe so they could see who looks better,

22-07-07, 23:57
And Lara said, "Hands down, I look way better!" :mis:

23-07-07, 00:00
...The Blonde Smilled. "Games, Miss.Croft?. Ha...I Thought You'dve Grown Up" Leon Laughed, Lara Reached For Two H&K Vector R35 Twin Pistols, Tucking Them Into Her Holsters. "You Know Me Mr.Kennedy, Always Fun And Games." Lara Remarked, Pulling A Brown Cloak Over Her Choice Outfit Of Aqau Leotard And Brown Combat Shorts. "But, Mr.Graham Has Had His Daughter Liberated Again And You Decided To Meet Me In The Centre Of A Remote Spanish Island Where She Was Last Stowed Away To...When You've No Idea Who Or What Is Behind This Attack?" Lara Asked, Leon Drew A Blacktail.7mm Pistol. "I Massaged The Truth" Leon Said...

BTW, I've Turned This LEON Into Leon S. Kennedy From The Video Game Resident Evil 4, And Also Altered The Story To Fit Both Partys ;)

23-07-07, 00:01
And then Claire walked in and said "Beeeeeyotch, wat da hayal you think yo doing wit ma MAYN?!?!?"

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23-07-07, 00:02
And then Claire walked in and said "Beeeeeyotch, wat da hayal you think yo doing wit ma MAYN?!?!?"

EDIT: Gah! I'm always to slow for these fourm games! Ignore this post!

Ok...Thats Just Strange And Not Related To The Serious Set Up Plot, Did You Post Late? :confused:

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23-07-07, 01:05
yes this is about leon s. kennidey

so thay arived at the island and started walking and lara said i hope you can with more than than that one pistol?oh yes i came with way more than that.and then thay herd a gron and seen a..

Legend of Lara
23-07-07, 02:05
They heard a groan and saw a magical blowfish with super happy anime powers!!!

23-07-07, 02:14
and then thay pulled out thar guns and shot at it but...

Legend of Lara
23-07-07, 02:18
The blowfish entered a long, cute transformation sequence, causing Leon and Lara to fall asleep while the blowfish danced around for 3 hours just to create a vest and skirt...

23-07-07, 04:49
...for leon and lara so 3 hours later thay wake up and the blowfish is standing over them and says...

23-07-07, 04:55
...please kill me I have been puffed up for years without a pin In me...

23-07-07, 07:55
..uhhh ok lara lets shot him *gun shots* thank...you..*dies*
so then thay leave the island cus it was f:cen:ing weird so thay go to laras house to...

23-07-07, 15:10
Leon tells Lara that was so f:cen:ing weird Lara gets mad and attacks Leon with her zungas all the while shouting, "How you like them apples!?"

23-07-07, 15:25
Leon got up and shot Lara again for attacking him. "Take that!"

23-07-07, 22:10
so then lara pretended to cry so leon walked up to her and said im sorry so then lara punched leon then he said someone likes a little tuff love..

23-07-07, 22:26
and then leon tryes to kiss her but she kicks him in his balls and pointed a gun on his head...

24-07-07, 04:04
and says if you EVER try that agin ill kill you!.then she took the gun from his head and put a lip lock on him..the next morning thay both wake up and get dressed and head out to..

Indiana Croft
24-07-07, 11:34
to Planned Parenthood where our heroine had a pregnancy test, which caused to her to go Pro-choice, so she begged the doctor to...

24-07-07, 11:36
to their comfort room,to prepare their soul for the another adventure which is....

24-07-07, 12:54
the search for the deathly hallows :vlol:

24-07-07, 12:55
which they later decided to scrap cos harry potter sucks... :p

Legend of Lara
24-07-07, 13:41
But suddenly, Lara Croft revealed a magical wristband and used it to transform into a magical anime girl while Leon prepared to...

24-07-07, 13:43
Swap clothing with Lara, as he is a silent cross dresser../

25-07-07, 09:38
ughhh give me back my closthes.well turn back from anime
ok fine
so thay switch back and then *knock knock* come in.and in walks A!!!..

25-07-07, 09:46
walks a huge centaur and petrify Leon...

25-07-07, 09:56
...but luckily Lara has her shield... from.. uhh.. Greece yeah Greece:rolleyes: which she uses against the centaur. Once dealt with Lara pistol whips stone Leon til he is free and....

25-07-07, 09:59
..wanted to get out of the trap of...

25-07-07, 09:59
of huge rotating blades, lara shoots the center of the rotating blade and they are free again, then they go on to a new adventure, which starts in alaska with lara on her shorts:p , looking for a new artifact called...

25-07-07, 10:06
Iris, which is hard to find.It is lost in the woods....

25-07-07, 10:25
Because the woods is in Alaska(!), it's bloody cold, so Lara takes Leon in her arms, and watch him into his deep hazel eyes, the fire that they lit up crackling soothingly... their faces approaching nearer and nearer, and their eyes are closed, their lips are pursing........

25-07-07, 21:36
and then a kiss warms both of them up then lara says i love you leon kennidey and i love you to lara croft

25-07-07, 21:40
...And then Lara shoots him in the skull so he dies and says: "Sorry, I only meant to wound you."

25-07-07, 21:42
after the kiss lara says "i feel stronger now, thanks" and then she enters in a strange temple in the middle of alaska...

EDIT: damn too late!

so now lara enters alone in the atrange alaska temple...

25-07-07, 21:43
then thars a zombey behind lara so leon shots it and it dies then lara says "thanks for looking out lover boy"

Legend of Lara
25-07-07, 22:56
But then Leon tells Lara that he has to go to Tumbuktu and become a guru, as he changes his name to Kurata Sana. Alone, Lara says to herself...

25-07-07, 23:00
then he jumps from be hind her scars her and says wow you fell for it i will never leave you lara.then he leans up agenst a rock then opens a secret paseg way and thay find the...

Legend of Lara
25-07-07, 23:17
... gigantic rocket that launches Leon into the abyss! *shock twist* Lara laughs and carries on, goes to a room to find...

26-07-07, 11:30
...her lost jewelry.She quickly got inside it and spread the...