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Lone Raider
23-07-07, 10:03
ok, I'd like a bit of advice or and opinions from you lot who are between 12 and 18. I have an 11 year old son - ah well, he'll be 12 tomorrow - and he's on holidays now. I just finished the Deathly Hallows and found it nailbitingly tough to read. He has read all the previous books, and originally i would have shared the reading with him straight away. but the book is so not a kids book.
Would you say the book's ok for a kid that young to read?

23-07-07, 10:10
The book is quite dark and depressing compared to previous books, though it's been a gradual build-up over the series. There are lots of character deaths; there's also some rather 'colourful' language compared to previous books, though it's infrequent and nothing very strong - if he had no problem with the last few instalments I think he'd be okay, but it's down to your own judgement really. It's not a very kiddy book...you could always read it with him if you're not sure.

23-07-07, 10:14
Hi Lone Raider,

Please could you use the General thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=71223&page=194) for this? Thanks.