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23-07-07, 20:35
Bad Lara Croft move? I confess I've done, and considered doing, things in the spirit of TR that I would not have normally done.


Just makes me wonder if he was a TR fan.

23-07-07, 23:02
I wonder if there will be a big outcry against Tomb Raider games now, I remember how they blamed 3D Shooters for the Columbine Massacre.

23-07-07, 23:31
How sad :(

Real Life Raider
24-07-07, 01:46
Bad Lara Croft move?

Bad taste thread. :(

24-07-07, 02:38
Poor kid. That's horrible.

24-07-07, 05:07
Bad taste thread. :(

Except I was being serious. I don't appreciate your judgment.

24-07-07, 05:23
OH MY GOD thars no way hes still alive

i wish it was a tr game so when he fell it would load agin and he would not jump

but that so sad

24-07-07, 05:51
Thats terrible... though for some reason i find it hard to feel bad for the kid himself... making a stupid move like that, that is just foolish. I mean if it was an accident and he fell then yeah... but he actually tried jumping it just to do it from what it sounds like. I do however feel for his family and friends who lost a loved one.

24-07-07, 05:56
I don't know if you saw it on the news, but the hole was 10 feet wide and was easily navigated around, so there was no reason to jump over it.

At the bottom of the 1000 foot drop was contaminated water polluted with arsenick and lead. I'm afraid of jumping 25-30 feet (about three stories).. 1000 feet is ten stories high, a very long fall. Really awful and senseless.

24-07-07, 08:25
dang.. either he was a TR MAD FAN or he was a idiot or he was suicidal. He coulda been drunk or high i guess...:(

24-07-07, 09:51
That's awful :(

Lara Croft!
24-07-07, 11:42
Reminds me of TR as well....:D

24-07-07, 11:59
It's bad, and I feel sorry for his family but why risk it by doing such a stupid thing. 10 feet is a long way when theres a 1000feet drop. why not step round or turn around??

24-07-07, 13:24
Some people are tards :rolleyes:

Dark Lugia 2
24-07-07, 13:34
Poor guy, people are always doing things like this nowadays and dieing.. :S