View Full Version : Are HD-DVDs regionfree?

24-07-07, 11:22
Ive been thinking of getting a HD-DVD player, more precisely the XBox360 add-on, but Im confused about something: a user review at Play.com says that HD-DVDs are regionfree, so you can play US HD-DVDs on an European XBox360 HD-DVD player, but when I look at American HD-DVDs at Play.com, the item description says that they are region 1 and can only be played on US players. So which is correct?

24-07-07, 14:58
It seems they are bringing in region locks on HD-DVDS, but this will only be applicable to you if you have a player that checks for regions, at this moment the majority do not.

As for the 360 I have read that it will play HD-DVDS from anywhere in the world.