View Full Version : Why do tomb raider fan movies go well with Evanescence?

24-07-07, 18:40
Ive been watching them a lot on youtube lately, and i noticed a lot of them have songs by Evanescence, including one i made. It just seems wierd to me that they go together so well, especially since their kind of music doesnt really match the tr style, at least in my opinion

Sara Croft
24-07-07, 22:22
Well, IMO evanescence has very fitting lyrics to tomb raider.
"Remember that all alone is where I belong." "Beg my broken heart to beat" -Lara in TR:A killing larson. "no light to lead the way" -That she has to find her own way, and that there are no way around.
These words are from cloud nine.
Sweet sacrifice is also nice, if you are 'mocking' legend Lara: "you poor, sweet innocent things whipe your eyes, and testiry."

Well, im not going to find every fitting words for every lyrics that evanescence has, but my point is that Evanescence is mainly about that the world is a cruel place and that you have to take care of yourself. All of the things Lara should stand for :p

IMO :p

Lara's Fan
24-07-07, 22:27
Good question. I guess cause they are both cool lol. Speaking of videos ill be posting one later on tonight.

24-07-07, 22:59
Its not just TR, you should find Evanescence also fits pretty well with all the other major game series as well and rank among bands such as Linkin Park for AMV-ability.

You really can't go wrong with some bands...but sometimes its good to take a risk and go for something different, especially if like you say, it fits well. :)

Lara's Fan
24-07-07, 23:26
Tra video with evanescensce music has been posted.:D

24-07-07, 23:51
I don't think they do... but that's just my opinion :p, a sentence in a song's lyrics doesn't really justify it's use for a video.

It has to have the right feel to it, and Lara has never felt goth/punk/rock to me... ever.

25-07-07, 01:07
Because they both can relate.

25-07-07, 12:02
I used to be a fan of Ev myself, but i've gone off them now.

I suppose the lyrics fit well with Lara's personallity, but I think its probably that alot of TR fans are EV fans too, and want to put their favourate songs on their vids! :D But I could be wrong.