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25-07-07, 13:09
Now I want a clever boy/girl in DOS because I use to work in the Dos but now I have a problem and please I dont want anyone that know nothing about DOS and tell me do this and that because if there is any mistake my computer will not gonna work any more if there is any one clever in DOS Just reply me and we will talk later

25-07-07, 13:16
try talking with esconder... pm him or post this in technical support

25-07-07, 14:00
What do you need help with exactly? If you told us what you intend to do in it we can help you.

Here is a link so some information and commands for it: http://www.computerhope.com/msdos.htm

16-08-07, 08:41
My windows was already destroyed and I install a new one:o

16-08-07, 08:48
Describe your problem in detail (well... what it was like) and let me help you then for future reference :)