View Full Version : How can I remix 2 songs?

Lara Croft!
25-07-07, 13:29
I want to mix two songs together. Kind like the remixes you listen to the clubs. Do u know what program I could use to blend 2 tracks simultaneously? Can Nero Editor do the work? Any other program?

25-07-07, 13:38
GoldWave...one the best sound editors out there. I used it to combine 2 songs once. Its free but only for a trial I think.

25-07-07, 13:46
Ejay mix station :p I think you can get the demo for free.

I haven't used any other than that and movie maker to blend tracks together (i seriously don't suggest using movie maker for editing audio tracks if you don't have the nerves)

25-07-07, 15:26
You could use Audacity.
It's freeware, so you can find it on google. It's not very advanced, but has nice features

25-07-07, 17:53
I use wave pad and audacity for all my audio stuff :) They work wooonders if you know how to use them :tmb: