View Full Version : Oh no!!

27-07-07, 12:19
Damn! My parents are repairing my room (where my personal computer is) and theyre gonna unplug it for a while and Ill stay here a little more :/ Btw here is the place wehre I told you about earlier in a thread histeria and ect ect but then again my friends are here so I wont be dying of boredom ;) So... my point is that I won't be here that often anymore (not that I am anyways >.>) if this can be called a summer holidays.. Im a piece of.... lol.. msn vpoice chat is dumb >.>

kk.. post your sadness for missing me (not :()

27-07-07, 12:27
Hey, I'm sorry about it. :( Hope your back soon.

But just a question, why not have posted this on the Open Chat thread? Feels more convinient being post there..

27-07-07, 12:35
Open Chat thread, pls.