View Full Version : How come oil only comes from Dinosaurs?

27-07-07, 16:14
I'm just wondering why oil only comes from dinosaurs not other living animals because the whole issue of the war in iraq everything is going up in price and oil is limited and me being in a poor class school with the type 1 diabetes being brittle and when oil will all run out the whole world will be up ****s creek.

27-07-07, 16:16
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27-07-07, 16:17
Bad skin, they had serious acne! :vlol:

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27-07-07, 16:19
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27-07-07, 16:20
I kid, I kid! :vlol:

OK can someone tell me the real reason why oil only comes from dinosaurs?

27-07-07, 16:21
Oil (and other fossil fuels) some from fossils... As the name suggests. So dead sea animals and foliage.

27-07-07, 16:24
Oil (and other fossil fuels) some from fossils... As the name suggests. So dead sea animals and foliage.

Does oil come from dead sea animals too?

27-07-07, 16:37
Oil and other fossil fuels take MILLIONS of years to develop. Coal comes from trees falling into swamps and marshes and crushing other layers of fallen trees and this forms coal. It's not a quick process at all. And yes, oil comes from sea animals.

27-07-07, 16:45
Found some basic info on the formation of fossil fuels here (http://www.usoe.k12.ut.us/CURR/Science/sciber00/8th/energy/sciber/fuel.htm):wve:

27-07-07, 17:25
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27-07-07, 17:41
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oil comes from everything... if you die and fossilize you can turn into oil in millions and millions of years...
it come from dinosaurs now and foliage and aquatic animals now because they are the available fossils right now

27-07-07, 21:32
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Zep Girl
27-07-07, 22:06
Ok, Im not stupid but I never realised oil came from Dinosuars, even though there a clue in the title! FOSSIL fuels. Bloody hell, well I have learnt my new ting for the day so I thank you all! :D

27-07-07, 22:09
as we sid oil doesn't come from dinosaurs! also comes from dinosaurs... it comes from all fossilized animals and plants

Zep Girl
27-07-07, 22:22
Yes I understand but Dinosaurs did not enter my mind at all! Just about everything else did haha

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Zep Girl
27-07-07, 23:02
:( awww no laughies! hehe I have lots of things I have missed, man you would have the laugh of your life. Go on have a laugh :ton::cln:

30-07-07, 16:20
Here Goes:

whe living thing die they become fossils over time and get deeper into the earth and because of the heat and the pressure inside the earths crust the fossil undergo complicate chemical reactions which take place for abou 1-2 million years and thus they become either oil,gas or coal. Oil doesnt just come from dinosaurs it also comes from other fossilised living things tha underwent this change.;)

30-07-07, 16:24
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