View Full Version : Last Jekyll Tomorrow!

27-07-07, 19:00
Anyone else watching it?
I've thought it brilliant these past 5 episodes.
I really like the twists and the new ways of telling the classic, often told fable of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

27-07-07, 19:12
Ahh I saw the first ep of it a few weeks ago, but totally forgot about it afterwards.

Still prefer the classic Jekyll & Hyde movies to modern versions though... :)

27-07-07, 20:45
I like it..its better than most of the rubbish that appears on a saturday evening. Though I have a soft spot for James Nesbit. :mis:

27-07-07, 21:27
not seen it, but my sis aged 12 is scared of him... :vlol:

Mona Sax
27-07-07, 21:58
I haven't seen it, but I'd love to. Jekyll & Hyde is still one of the best metaphors about the duality of man, IMO.

27-07-07, 22:22
Well, if you'd like to watch it, either buy the DVDs (out 30.07.07) or sign up for the beta of the BBC iPlayer, where you can catch up with the TV you've missed online.

I'm sure there are other methods, but I certainly wouldn't want to advertise such methods as looking on Veoh or downloading it using a torrent client!