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09-04-04, 02:04
If there really is going to be next TR3 movie and Aj will not be in it, then who do you think should be?
In my opinion Aj wasn't that good for Lara Croft role, here's a fwe reasons why I think this way: 1) LC may be don't have a huge sence of humor, but AJ is even worse. 2)AJ has blue-grey eyes and LC had brown eyes 3) LC has brown hair, but in a movie AJ had black hair ( she could have at least dye it to reflect a character) 4) if you look more carefully you will notice that AJ has short legs, and the fotograhpers work really hard to hide it. At the same time LAra, could be a model in this case. 5) The whole movie was turned onto AJ's lips.....that's just not right.
Yes, AJ is a good actress, but the only thing she has in common with LC (in terms of acting) is her attitude, at least she could play it well.

Melonie Tomb Raider
09-04-04, 02:12
I TOTALLY agree, no offense to AJ fans, but I do not think she is Lara material. AJ is a beautiful woman, but she just doesn't make a good Lara IMO. *Braces for punches*. She is not built like Lara, she has a whole different body type, and she doesn't even come close to looking like Lara in the face. Like i said before, AJ is beautiful ,but she does not look like Lara. The movie Lara was totallt different than the video game Lara, it's like they were two different people. I think if they do make a 3rd movie they should try to make Lara be the real Lara and not some made up Lara. As far as actresses go, I don't know who I think would make the best Lara. It's hard to say. Maybe some one new, as long as she resembles Lara even at the slightest and of course she has to be a good actress too.

09-04-04, 02:27
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