View Full Version : Formula 1 about to start in ITV (UK)

tlr online
07-03-04, 01:45
First race of the new season. Michael Schumacher on pole. Australian Grand Prix. Back in a few hours. UT2004 server up and running. I'll add some bots.

07-03-04, 02:24
I should have realized why you had not answered my FAO.
We Aussie's are lucky this time, I've been watching since 11am our time. You will really have a late night. Don't suppose they televised the Celebrity Race over there. It's always fun to watch. Can't wait for the race to start. I like Michael Schummacher he is such a superb driver. Glad he's not retiring. We have had coverage since Friday and there has been some really good racing. You probably won't see this until after the race so I hope you enjoyed it.