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the croft woman!
09-04-04, 09:51
What is a letter of application? I've found this job in the news paper for something in mount farm Bletchley. It says to write a "letter of application enclosing your CV" but i've never had to write a letter of application before, what is it??? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif

09-04-04, 10:06
Isn't that the letter someone writes to explain why they want the job and why they are suited for that job?

the croft woman!
09-04-04, 10:15
Thats what I thought, but this ad dont say what shop or whatever the job is in, what its selling or anything! It just says Sales Assistant full time... So i was thinking how am I meant to do that if they dont even say what the hell they're slling or what the shop is!!

09-04-04, 13:08
So, well you picked the job out of the newspaper. You could write about your motivation why you picked this advertisement out, why you think it could be a nice job and you could be suited for it, and that you would like some more information... which i think they'll only give you if they think your letter was one of the best and they would like to invite you for a live conversation...