View Full Version : 8 days to go...

12-06-03, 12:00
ok, i'm getting excited about AOD now :D . What was the last game you people bought?

I think mine was Splinter Cell, pretty cool that :cool:

Fugitive Lara
12-06-03, 12:50
the last few games i bought are
Jak & Daxter
Crazy Taxi
MGS2 Sons of liberty
The Sims Superstar
Dance Stage Megamix
Space Channel 5

I ordered all those at near enough to same time off numerous web sites ;)

12-06-03, 13:27
Splinter Cell here too. And, I have to admit, after playing it, all other games seem boring.

I'm currently playing Resident Evil Code Veronica, to step out of the box for a bit... I'm looking forward to AOD and RTX Red Rock... then Indiana Jones for the PS2... okay, I know, I need to shut up... sorry...