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tlr online
13-06-03, 02:37
Simula, the Bradford agency dedicated to supporting the region's technology businesses, is opening a state of the art Motion Capture system at its Bradford University HQ. Whilst the facility is available to all, businesses within the Yorkshire region will be charged a vastly discounted rate. The Vicon 12-camera, M-Cam2 optical system is identical to that used by George Lucas in the making of Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones.

From June, Simula are offering prospective clients an efficient end-to-end service, from project planning and talent sourcing to post production work. The system also has some highly specialised equipment for capturing close up movement of the face and hands. This is the only commercial system in the North of England, and was funded by Yorkshire Forward. The objective is not only to provide the region's businesses with a first class facility but also to attract external companies in to the region.

The launch of the motion capture facility represents the third phase of the Simula project. Simula is a European funded initiative based at Bradford University, dedicated to solving the technological issues facing small and medium sized businesses in the Yorkshire region Since it was established in 1999 Simula has provided assistance to over 250 businesses.

Simula Project Manager Andy Curtis commented: "Obviously, the opening of this motion capture suite will prove a huge boon to many of our clients, but the fact is we have the finest facility in the country - you just can't get a service of this quality anywhere else at the moment and we welcome everyone to come up and see what we've got."