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09-08-07, 13:34
would you like to crystal dynamics(cd) remake a tr angel of darkness??? i love the story and game!!! i would like to see aod from cd... would you??? :)

09-08-07, 13:36
Theyll ruin it theyll take out the blood,ruin laras personality and probably say kurtis is her long lost brother:p

09-08-07, 13:46
We had this topic like 40 times already......

And my answer is still no! Although they can't ruin it, the game can't be made worse then it already is, they should leave it. I want new games, with new stories and new characters. No need to redo the Von Croy story, we had TR4, TR5 and AOD with Von Croy now, it's time to do something new.

09-08-07, 13:46
Oh no thanks ! I just want to see a TR2 remake , that's all ! ;)

09-08-07, 13:47
I don't mind CD continuing AoD as long as:

- They KEEP her cold personality and bio. I don't mind the happy and polite Lara but in AOD it won't work. Also if possible I'd like Jonell Elliot to come back just to voice AOD Lara.

- They don't mess with the story, like ajrich said above, Kurtis is her long lost brother or something like that.

- Kurtis gets his proper powers to be able to use.

IMO Angel of Darkness doesn't need a remake though. But I'm aware that there is an unofficial remake going on and I'm looking foward to playing it.

09-08-07, 13:50
OMG!!!! How much thread like this there can be... NO!!!! I don't want that stupid remake by CD. CD is the most terrible game making company in the world. Those mericans even not understand what the really Tomb Raider is and the good example of this is Tomb Raider Anniversary. I want AOD only from Core, Core and one more time Core.

09-08-07, 13:59
We had this topic like 40 times already......