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tlr online
13-06-03, 02:39
Softwrap today announced that, due to the growth in consumer demand for digital downloads, which is being facilitated by the continued uptake in broadband services, its monthly revenues have more than tripled since January 2003. Over 6,500 software developers and publishers have now employed the Softwrap technology to secure and digitally distribute and sell over 9,000 software and game titles.

This significant increase in business has come about as the number of people, particularly on P2P networks, who are now purchasing software legally, has risen dramatically. More and more content owners, whether companies or individuals, are realising that P2P networks are an extremely efficient distribution mechanism and therefore an excellent, potential revenue stream - but only if their software is sufficiently protected to prevent wholesale, illegal copying.

As a result, content owners are increasingly taking advantage of technology, such as Softwrap's, which protects their intellectual property and maximises their revenues, while making the download and purchase of software as easy as possible for end users. Softwrap's system now supports sales in US dollars, Euros and UK pounds, and other currencies can be easily integrated, if required. Full Dynamic sales tax/VAT functionality is standard in all wrappers, though optional for Softwrap partners.

Simon Protheroe, Technical Director, Eidos, remarked: "Congratulations to Softwrap on their outstanding results over the first half of the year. Their success is well deserved - the Softwrap technology is excellent and they have forged some great relationships with games portals, which have certainly helped the distribution of our games."

Gary Millner, CEO of Softwrap, commented: "Softwrap's terrific performance during the first half of 2003 can be attributed to two factors: the determination of Softwrap's dedicated employees and loyal partners; and the growing desire by the online community to purchase digital content which has for the most part been facilitated through increased broadband adoption."