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The southwestern United States is shown here in this true-color image acquired on June 10, 2003. Arizona takes center stage, though Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, northern Mexico, and California also make appearances. Running southeast through the center of the image are a series of green plateaus and mountains, starting with the Kaiparowits Plateau in southwestern Utah and ending with the Gallo, Tularosa, and Mongollon Mountains in southwestern New Mexico. This curve of green plateaus, as well as the salmon-colored land inside the curve, make up the greater Colorado Plateau.

Running through this plateau is the Colorado River, which is visible as winding ribbons from southern Utah, through northern Arizona, and along the Arizona-Nevada-California borders. The Colorado River flows through the Grand Canyon, which looks like a wider, dusty-pink ribbon winding from Glen Canyon in southern Utah to the Arizona-Nevada border at Lake Mead. The northern point of the Golfo de California, which separates Mexico's Baja California Peninsula (left) from its Sorora state (right), is visible at the bottom left of the image.

The red dots at the southeastern end of the curve represent fires, and smoke plumes from the bigger fires are visible at the 1-km resolution. The large fire on the Arizona side of the border is the lightning-ignited Thomas Fire; as of June 11, this fire was 3,765 acres in size. On the New Mexico side of the border, one major fire and four smaller fires were detected. The largest of the five is the Dry Lake Complex, a group of three fires that cover 5,800 acres. These fires were started by lightning, and are being allowed to burn under control by a National Fire Use Management Team. The other fires are smaller wildfires, two of which the Ten Cow fire in Gila National Forest and the Boiler fire in Gila National Forest's Black Range are currently being managed by the USDA Fire Service.


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