View Full Version : Thames Wharf Secret #4 M.I.A.?

14-05-01, 00:56
Anybody please help!
TR3 Thames Wharf secret #4, the Cathedral Key, is supposed to be in the small pit across from the pit where one climbs up to find the medikit, right? When I jump to the second pit area, and walk in, there's nothing there! Checked my special items inventory to see if I accidentally picked the key up w/o noticing, and it's not there either.
Read on a walkthru at another site, that another player had same problem. Is this a PC glitch? Have seen no "patch" for it anywhere.

14-05-01, 05:12
There's another pit across the corner - a tricky jump, with midair correction, I believe, then the jump to the pit itself has to be done along the wall... keep trying !!!

14-05-01, 11:35
It should be in the middle of the floor in the alcove area just across the corridor (over the block that you moved) from the alcove where you find the medipak. It can be a bit difficult to spot - you may need to press the Look key and move about a bit. Also the Secret chime doesn't sound until you actually pick it up. The jump can be a bit tricky - you've got to do a run/jump and then keep the forward arrow pressed while you're in the air so that you hit the ground running.

14-05-01, 12:42
Thanx guys! Had actually figured there would be a pit there, and tried to get to it by way of jumping to the slanted ledges in that area, then multi-jumping back and forth in an attempt to "hop up" into any pits that might be there, but ws a no go. One jump does it all; figures. Thanx again!