View Full Version : Adding New Animations - help Needed!

15-08-07, 11:33
Hi Guys! i was recently working on adding new animations to Lara( wich I downlaoded Fromn Trsearch! But Everytime When try Launching The Animation Wad with Wad merger I het an error Masseage
ReadWad-> Error Code 9 Subscript Out of range!

So Can Someone Help Please!

jungle raider
15-08-07, 13:07
Hm...this tutorial may help http://www.trsearch.org/Tutorial.php?action=gettut&id=37

15-08-07, 14:07
This is what I said about it in a similar topic in the past:

Make sure your WADMerger is the latest version! Or at least one that supports .ani WAD sets (I think the min version is 1.97 beta)

Anyway open your WAD and open your LARA object in the anim editor. You have to add the extra animation slots yourself or else it might crash when you try to copy over the animations. In this case (as I typed in the item description) you need to keep adding extra animations until you reach slot #478.

Then close and say yes to keep changes, then on the right side click open wad and open the downloaded WAD set (ignore the weird files beginning with ._, sorry that was my fault!). When it has loaded, you can double click on the WAD name on the right side to copy over all the animations, or you can just do them one by one. Save your wad and that should work.

15-08-07, 16:17
Thank YOu!