View Full Version : IndyCar series PC playable demo launched

tlr online
14-06-03, 06:40
Experience the blisteringly fast speeds and the nerve-shattering, intense racing gameplay of Codemasters' IndyCar Series in the new playable PC demo, now available from www.codemasters.com/indycarseries (http://www.codemasters.com/indycarseries) (in 'Downloads'). IndyCar Series launches on PlayStation 2 and Xbox next Friday, June 20th, and the PC edition follows in July.

Play the demo and sample IndyCar Series' pure professional racing at speeds faster than 200 mph at Texas Motor Speedway in either the Red Bull Cheever Racing or Pennzoil Panther Racing cars.

IndyCar Series is the official video game of the gruelling US open-wheel championship and is the most accessible, exciting and entertaining open-wheel racing game ever designed. With its adrenaline-fuelled and dangerously close pack-racing, players need total focus to handle the incredible on-track manoeuvres.

Providing a fresh style of racing gaming, IndyCar Series launches on June 20th in Europe for PlayStation 2 and Xbox; the PC version ships in July. The demo, along with the latest visuals and information on the game and the sport itself, is now available from the game's dedicated microsite at www.codemasters.com/indycarseries (http://www.codemasters.com/indycarseries)