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14-06-03, 08:52
Sissy is the third person to be evicted from Big Brother, meaning there are just three girls left in the house. The 26-year-old looked stunned, mouthing the word 'gutted' to housemates. She sighed, threw her head back and covered her face in her hands after Davina announced the verdict.

By the time phone lines closed she had received 401,199 votes (44.68%), with Jon on 150,004 (16.71%) and Federico 346,649 (38.61%). Sissy was embraced by the housemates before she left the living room and went to the bedroom to start packing, saying, "I need a fag."

Her eviction will increase fears among the remaining girls in the house that viewers are picking off the women one by one, following the departure of Anouska and Justine in the last two weeks.

Sissy winced and looked disappointed when the nominations were revealed earlier this week, after suggesting that if a girl was up against any of the boys she was bound to be the one to go. Jon and Federico survived the latest public vote to stay in the house for a fourth week.

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14-06-03, 08:56
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