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26-08-07, 01:56
I recently saw the latest Harry Potter film and fell in love with Helena Bonham Carters portrayal of Bella.

So as a break from my masses of artwork i thought i'd have a go at my favorite death eater (excluding the fact that she killed two of my favorite characters Dobby and Tonks)

This was more of a test of drawing the costume and so her body is a template from a website, i take no credit for the actual pose.
The scanner messed it up a bit and i had to do a bit of cuting and pasting to get it back together so where the peices attatch shes a bit misaligned but im happy with it.

All opinions and criticism's welcome.

Camera Obscura
26-08-07, 03:32
I like it, she looks really creepy and wicked and you seem to be familiar with folds on the clothing and small details. However I can't really judge the small details because the sketch is too small and really bright. If you clean it up a bit in photoshop or a similar program the image will look even better. :tmb:

26-08-07, 10:57
Pretty good, the proportions and all, but I think you made her face a bit too skully. She looks starved. (Yes she's been to Azkaban and all, but they gave them food there right?

I'm a fan too btw. *points to avatar and sig* :p

26-08-07, 10:59
very cool! love the pose!

Alex Fly
26-08-07, 10:59
Nice drawing ! :tmb:

26-08-07, 12:38
Love the clothing but the proportions are a bit messed up, particularly the waist (she doesn't have enough room for internal organs :p) and her arms and hand.

Her left arm (the one we see on the right) is too long past the elbow, compared to the other one and the hand is also too big. The neck seems too long and it shouldn't get thiner like that going upwards and also her features seem a bit too big for her head and just overall don't fit her very well, making her look too old (I have no idea how old the character is but considering Helena...), try making the lips smaller and the nose as well.

26-08-07, 13:18

26-08-07, 23:49
Thanks for the responses everyone.

Camera Obscure: I'm glad you like it, hopefully when my scanner gets fixed i'll be able to post a bigger picture so you can see it clearly, and im also hoping to get an art programme soon but until then it'll have to stay as.

danitiwa: Wooh, someone else who likes Bella, most people hate her for killing sirius. I really wouldnt be suprised if they hadn't fed her, but the reason her face is skully in my drawing is because i was more focused on the actual outfit, at some point i may go back and spend more time on the face but for now i'm gonna keep it as it is.

lararoxs, Alexy Fly & knutroald: Thanks, glad you guys like it.

Paperdoll: Thanks for the tips, like i said the pose was a template from a website so most of the proportions were already like that, but if i do come back to change anytihng i'll definately try fixing up things like body proportions and the face. Glad you like the outfit.

Yunaīs Wish
27-08-07, 03:28
Very, very nice :) I donīt mind the skinny features since thatīs how I imagined Bellatrix, and she isnīt the ordinary witch either, so the features DO blend in here...

28-08-07, 00:27
Thanks, glad you like it, and yeah i always imagined her being very drained and skull-like, I don't know why i guess thats just what azkaban can do to someone.

My scanners fixed now so hopefully i can get a bigger version up oon.
Fingers crossed.

28-08-07, 07:41
Awesome work :tmb:

28-08-07, 16:16
Thanks :)