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26-08-07, 02:53
Lara leans back in the tub feeling as if her whole body was going to fall apart.
The whole matter of Werner and Kurtis Trent was all she could take.
The Monstrum, what could have done in the end.
Eyes still heavy waking to 100th song on her Ipod; a peculiar taste of raspberries with an after taste of burtn tar, exhaling, strong on her tongue.
It was all she could do to keep from slipping on her ass on exiting the tub.
"Whoa, that would have hurt." seeing her glass had an even equally peculiar papier-mâché covering.
"Ok, now it's getting weird." spotting the business sized envelope lying on the end table in her hotel.
"Oh my." looking at her hands, her skin even had the paper mashay covering.
Returning to the bathroom. she suddenly found the room spinning, soon all went BLACK!!
Coming to, to find Alistair using her knife to chip away much of the dark crust from her stomach. "Why Alistair didn't know you were such a-"
"No Lady Croft." stopping her from making what he knew was going to be a very unlady like comment.
"I've given the substance to Zip to analyze."
"Any luck." being given a blouce to put on.
"So far the only thing is this envelope lying on the endtable, addressed to you." she adding and you thought to open it.
"Peculiar recorder?" as flat as credit card.
"And there are airline tickets within too." nodding towards the folder.
"Wonder ho-" touching a thumb insert.
'Greeting Lady Croft, sorry for the simantics earlier, I didn't wish your friend Trent to be involved.' grimaces all around, and comment about how he was not her friend.
'This is a new recorder I've had picked up.' Alistair commening it sounded much like Repressive Kyle Noplic from Nevada. 'Is a Biomatric Recorder, for use in-' dramic pause. 'for highly sensitive material.' Lara communing how he'd gotten his hands the item Zip has been going on about for the past month or so. 'It is programmed for only you and you alone to access. And yes I am Repressive Kyle Noplic, and I have a job for you.:jmp:

26-08-07, 11:03
great start!