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tlr online
14-06-03, 13:04
invective \in-VEK-tiv\, noun:

1. An insulting or abusive expression or speech.
2. Insulting or abusive language.

Of, relating to, or characterized by insulting or abusive language.

But one can also note that he chose a fitting image for himself, going out in a duel of honor, armed all over with spikes of witty invective and a specialised knowledge of insult.
--Adrian Frazier, George Moore, 1852-1933

They all seemed to be in their usual mood of precarious good humour which could splinter at any moment into invective and menacing gesture.
--Alice Thomas Ellis, Pillars of Gold

One evening John Mitchell, slightly in his cups, let loose at Whalen with a mess of invective about writers, their inflated notion of their importance to political campaigns, and the need to keep them in their place.
--Leonard Garment, In Search of Deep Throat

Political satire at the expense of governments or institutions is one thing. Personal invective is another.
--Victoria Glendinning, Jonathan Swift: A Portrait

Maureen Errant
14-06-03, 13:44
pertaining to "A Portrait": here, here. (or should that be hear, hear?) Hello tlr.

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tlr online
14-06-03, 13:48
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