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27-08-07, 09:43
On DeviantArt you can look at many many beautiful Tomb Raider related art. In this topic I will share my own art, but it's also a topic for other artists.

Are you interesting in my art? Then visit http://laralover.deviantart.com

Some other beautiful galleries with many amazing drawnings, wallpapers, pictures and other art:

- http://tombraiderfanart.deviantart.com (http://tombraiderfanart.deviantart.com/)
- http://tomb-raiders-temple.deviantart.com (http://tomb-raiders-temple.deviantart.com/)

Please give comments on my art work. ;)

28-08-07, 07:43
Below you can look at a photomanipulation of Karima Adebibe as lara Croft that I made.


Time Spend: 2 hours
Art's Name (if any): Karima Adebibe
Related Tomb Raider Game/Movie/Character: Official Tomb Raider: Legend / Tomb Raider: Anniversary model
Artists comments (on this art): I was searching for a nice Tomb Raider subject to edit in Adobe Photoshop CS2. I found a Karima photo on the internet (HERE (http://trbstorage.com/laralover/karima_adebibe_original.jpg) is the original picture), and yeah, after playing with colors, brushing and effects I finished my little project and this is the final result.

What do you think? Comments?

28-08-07, 07:46
Some really good art work there. I think the photomanip of Karima Adebibe is awesome.

Legend Killer
28-08-07, 10:25
Nice work Koen_and_Lara :tmb:

Welcome to the board :wve:

28-08-07, 11:57
Wow! Great pic of Karima, she looks quite gothic. :D

28-08-07, 12:13
Some people are so talented. :tmb:

28-08-07, 13:31
Wow :D

28-08-07, 13:42
Awesome work guys :tmb:

So far I only have one picture of Lara in my DA account:

DA Link Here (http://shinee-9.deviantart.com/art/Lara-in-a-Catsuit-46429838)

28-08-07, 14:00
Thank you for the nice comments guys! Bot no I'm not really talented hehe. ;)

Paperdoll, very nice picture you drawned!

28-08-07, 14:53
The Karima modification looks really nice! :) I would post my TR drawings, but they would require like 5 pages :p

29-08-07, 11:52
Thank you for your comment!

Well, post your work, I'm curious. ;)

29-08-07, 11:58
The only tr related art thing I have @dA, some pimped screenshot (http://apofiss.deviantart.com/art/Tomb-Raider-Legend-mod-01-27414300) xx

29-08-07, 14:18
All I have are those three pictures I posted a few days ago (though since they're on the third page now and this IS the DevArt topic, I don't think there's any harm in posting them here):

Hey guys. I've recently been improving my art styles (all is explained in the long and boring descriptions) and applying them to Tomb Raider in the process.

These are my first ever Tomb Raider fanarts (again, explained in long and boring descriptions). They are, of course, mostly based on Tomb Raider Legends Lara.

Only three sketches so far:

As you can see from the really long and boring descriptions, i'm quite proud at how these came out (especially when compared to how I used to draw earlier on this year...my Usako sketch in my gallery is good comparison).

Comments and crits both here and at DevArt are welcome.

29-08-07, 14:33
Karima looks amazing! :cln:

29-08-07, 19:52
Thanks for your lovely comment!

The scetches are really nice!
Awesome pimped screenshot! Good job!

30-08-07, 10:25
I posted all of my Tomb Raider comics there, my deviant URL is http://zcochrane.deviantart.com/ (also includes some other stuff).

30-08-07, 11:44
Hehe they are great. :d

31-08-07, 23:50
You have such a lovely art on your deviant art there Koen ;)
I hope you'll add more soon.

01-09-07, 21:07
Thank you for that nice comment!
I will make add more art soon!